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Chihuahua Governor Announces Intention To Manipulate Protest At Mexican Consulates; Activist Fear Infiltration (01/14/2018)

PAN may look to infiltrate established protest movements. Governors Corral of Chihuahua announced a campaign to denounce PRI corruption. Protesting in front of the Mexican consulate is among the planned actions.

La Cartita --- According to 'Informador', Chihuahua's governor will use US senators, protest in front of Mexican consulates in the US in order to obtain the extradition of Cesar Duarte, the former governor of Chihuahua who is accused of laundering public resources from Mexico into state level elections. The actions were illegal, but Cesar Duarte fled to Texas in order to avoid jailtime in Mexico. Activists are worried that this will lead to mass infiltration of legitimate protests groups.

In anticipation of Mexico 2018 presidential elections, Javier Corral Jurado, the current Chihuahua governor, is looking to bolster his parties anti-corruption credentials. Denise Dresser, a dual US and Mexican national with links to the US Embassy in Mexico City, is known to be engaged in a public relations campaign with the governor. Dresser has backed far right candidates like Felipe Calderon in US Senate Testimony.

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