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Wikileaks: Denise Dresser briefs US political officials at US embassy in Mexico City About Presidential Election in 2006

Wikileaks: Denise Dresser briefs US political officials at US embassy in Mexico City About Presidential Election in 2006 (10/18/2016)

According to Wikileaks transcripts, Denise Dresser is a bit of a referent for US politicians. This article analyses a wikileaks cable and contextualizes Dresser's participation in this Confidential meeting.

Follow Up to Yesterday's Story: Denise Dresser's Defense of Calderon's Drug War (10/17/2016) where a little known transcript of her giving favorable testimony regarding Calderon's drug war during at a US Senate hearing. The cable has already been noted slightly in Twitter, but we add a more extended analysis here at La Cartita.

La Cartita ------- On June of 2006, a few months before Felipe Calderon stole the presidential election from Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Denise Dresser had a closed door meeting with US officials at the Mexican embassy. A wikileaks cable reveals that Denise Dresser appears to have a strong relationship with the US embassy's diplomatic mission in México City. This has some consequences for those who choose to reference has a example of independent journalism, analysis and activism.

Usually, a diplomatic mission - as any professional intelligence personnel would relay - is tasked with the basic advancement of their home country's interests. Many business people look at México as an easy market to dominate. Economies of scale can be realized there quickly. Thus, there is a strong US based mercantile class that wants to eridicate a specific form of anti-corporate politicis for their own purposes. This explains why the business implications of electoral candidates were considered. In an effort to stop a truly independent billionaire, US politicians were pleased to understand how AMLO and Slim have a degree of understanding with regards to administrative tasks: "She believed he [Slim] likely would appeal to AMLO's nationalistic side, arguing that state contracts should be awarded to Mexican-owned companies, i.e., his companies, rather than to foreign ones. " For this reason, throughout the US and México, Mexican nationalism is continually under attack.

The splendor of good connections should not be ignored. This colours, possibly, the perception some may have of the powerful. In this case, it appears that Dresser was given some favorable treatment at the embassy: "Dresser concluded our breakfast by lamenting that México's evolution from a state based on corporatism to one based on the principle of citizenship is likely to be a long process that will not be concluded in the coming sexenio, regardless of who wins. We could not agree more". Obviously, quite the opposite of the treatment Dresser in New York when she was found to be present in a Mexican consulate event by NY based Mexican activists who protested the usurping of the Ayotzinapa topic by government connected artists.

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