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18 Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Arrested For Inmate Abuse & Corruption

Los Angeles, California --- Inmates beaten, humiliated, abused by Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies. Sheriff Lee Baca under fire, heavy critcism. An FBI informant was hidden from federal authorities by LA County Sheriff by the department. Anthony Brown was hidden by the prison authorities where an inmate was hidden for nearly 3 weeks. The informant had his records changed, identity rewritten and the FBI could not find him for that period of time.

An FBI handler was intimidaded by Sergeant Scott Craig; Craig is now accused with falsely threatening an agent with arrest.

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String Of Attacks Against Mexican Activists

Guadalupe Campanur Tapia, an active member of the autonomous community of Cheran, Michoacan, México, was found dead on Tuesday.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico, Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral surveying responses to influence Mexico's upcoming presidential election.

Vendido writers unwittingly perpetuate stereotypes while pretending to fight them.

Why Can't These FOX Consultants Take Any Criticism?

Gustavo Arellano and Lalo Alcaraz are often accused of validating racist narratives by giving people who harbor such views a platform to voice them.

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Meet GOLEM: UNAM's Talking Robot

GOLEM handles dialogue situations. Watch an example of how GOLEM-II handles the event.