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San Antonio District Judge Fred Briery Denies Request For Rosa Maria Hernandez

San Antonio District Judge Fred Briery Denies Request For Rosa Maria Hernandez ; (9/26/2015)

La Cartita --- A San Antonio based Judge has denied an immigration hearing for Rosa Maria Hernandez, a 10 year old with cerebral palsy held in a detention center managed by the Office For Refugee Resettlement. Judge Fred Biery rejected the ACLU's motion to hold a hearing for Rosa Maria Hernandez. Briery expressed that if the child's mother wanted to be reunited with her, then both their deportations would ensure that they be reunited elsewhere. The obvious implication being that he would not release the child in the United States.

Cruelty, colonialism and brutal ethnic cleansing are the fundamental barbarisms truly governing the behavior of the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. An unwise move towards ever harsher enforcement, the Border Patrol is simply set to inspire more resentment towards the imposed order of Anglo-American law over native lands. While it is an exceptionally cruel case, Rosa Maria Hernandez' plight is well within the norm of actions taken for decades against Mexicans seeking to reestablish control over economic gains and land once theirs.

Public: "Why are you holding a 10 year old girl hostage?"

Judge Fred Briery: "Why haven't we arrested her mom?"

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