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In Chicago district, Chuy Garcia wins house of representative seat!

Chuy Garcia wins!

La Cartita --- Today, Chuy Garcia wins US House of Representative seat in 4th District in the Chicago, Illinois area. Mexican, Chuy Garcia, wins House of Representatives seat. He will represent Illinois' 4th District seat in the House of Representatives. This includes the heavily Mexican Berwyn, Cicero and Riverside borough in the Chicago area.

Chicago Protests Over Gun Control To Shut Down Dan Ryan Expressway On Weekend (07/03/2018)

La Cartita --- More than a thousand protesters plan to march on the Dan Ryan expressway. Many are moving as a single congregation led by Reverand Michael Pfleger of Saint Sabina. Others are non-sectarian and banning together with other activist groups. All are calling for an end to gun proliferation in their community. Illinois, particularly, one of its cities: Chicago, has been beset by uncontrolled gun violence, with young men mostly perpretating the acts against one another. However, much of the violence has spilt on outside of gang violence, with unarmed, innocent bystanders, frequently children, being killed by gunshots.

ISP issues warning to protestors about protesting on expressway.

The Illinois State Police has also warned that protestors on the Ryan Expressway will be arrested. However, activists remain undeterred. They note that the potential for increased attention is what motivates them most. Rev. Pfleger remains steadfast on his intent to lead his congregation into the expressway as a means to bring the issue to the city's public.

Last week, Chicago was also the scene of massive protests regarding Trump's current migration policy. Over 50 children are taught to be held under Trump's zero tolerance policy.

Jeff Sessions Visit To Los Ángeles, California Triggers Protests:

Photo: AG Jeff Sessions via Business Insider

Racist White Lady Goes on Anti-Mexican Rant: Video

#whatwethinkisnews: The man, Esteban Guzman, posted this video to Twitter early today, Monday, June 25. Guzman and his mother were doing yard work when they were approached by a still unidentified white woman. During her anti-#Mexican rant, the woman flashes a middle finger, alleging Mexicans are only “Rapists. Animals. Drug Dealers” after the man questions her motives for hating Mexicans. #RunningSprings #losangeles

Power-106, KDey, Wild LA Area Hip Hop Radio Owned, Operated By Ultra-Right Wing Conservatives/Gusanos

La Cartita --- Otto Padron, a former US Army officer with deep ties to counter insurgency and state terror units, is the COO of Meruelo Media, the parent company of Power 106 in Los Angeles, California. For years, Padron was traveling to countries like Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jordan, destabilizing governments in the name of US conservatism.

Mexicans Can Not Appropriate Own Culture!

What's The Word In The Bay?

What's The Word In So Cal?

Chicanos are a majority population in Los Angeles, California Photo: Jose Gil

Ayotzinapa Legal Team, Parents & Tonatierra Speak At Tucson on Mexico Human Rights

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String Of Attacks Against Mexican Activists

Guadalupe Campanur Tapia, an active member of the autonomous community of Cheran, Michoacan, México, was found dead on Tuesday.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico, Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral surveying responses to influence Mexico's upcoming presidential election.

Vendido writers unwittingly perpetuate stereotypes while pretending to fight them.

Why Can't These FOX Consultants Take Any Criticism?

Gustavo Arellano and Lalo Alcaraz are often accused of validating racist narratives by giving people who harbor such views a platform to voice them.

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Meet GOLEM: UNAM's Talking Robot

GOLEM handles dialogue situations. Watch an example of how GOLEM-II handles the event.