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Conejo's Homecoming Show In Los Angeles Tomorrow! @FELONYCASE

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La Cartita --- The homecoming show for legendary rapper, Conejo, is set to take place tomorrow, Sunday, December 23, 2018 at the Catch One club in Los Angeles, CA. Topic: [[Conejo]]

Shots from the venue look promising; the show also comes in the heels of a string of popular albums release on all digital platforms. The rapper has stayed busy since earlier this year, with an acting credit in 'the Tax Collector', a show in Atlanta, all while growing his social media following. He even has his IG verified, which is all less than a year since being able to fully be present in the United States.

The nightmare before Los Angeles X-Mas show will be the first in 17 years for Conejo. A series of highly unlikely circumstances have culminated to grant him his legal freedom after facing down a potential life sentence:

The B Side Show ~ Recorded live every Monday night 12/17/18 Episode 421 - Part 4

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For Security Minded Activists, Cheap $BB Blackberry Priv Model May Help

Blackberry has rolled out cellphones running Android OS software.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

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New Oppressive Law In Mexico Allows Army To Police

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Mexican Not Latino

Peter Thiel, Facebook Financier Backs Trump

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