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Riverside Judge seeks to deny due process for juvenile inmates.

La Cartita --- Judith Clark, a Riverside Judge for Riverside Juvenile court, is attempting to deny juvenile inmates face to face lawyer visits. The order, if unopposed, would take effect in two Riverside county courts. These courts process juvenile defendants and inmates for court hearings.

Who the fuck is Judge Judith Clark?

Clark is a white woman, whose immediate family roots are based in Aurora, Colorado. She has occupied her position since 2005 when she was appointed by then Governor Arnold Schawrzenegger. Much of her legal experience is derived from her time as an attorney for the Riverside County District Attorney. Unfortunately, this judge is only half-way through her term. According to Ballotpedia, Clark " filed for re-election in 2014, but due to facing no opposition, was automatically elected to a new term that expires in 2021".

Riversity County Sheriff's walk out of courthouse in Riverside, CA.

Criticism For Unconstitutional Restrictions on Juvenile Defense Process

The order has already drawn fire from constitutional lawyers who say this denies clients the right to due process. The Southern California ACLU has factored into the public debate, relaying comments to the LA Times.

Ian Kysel, from the ACLU, states the following in a letter addressing the Riverside, CA judge's actions: "The blanket order would prevent kids from meeting with their attorneys in the very context where they need the guidance of counsel the most" Kysel said (Source: LA Times). Youngsters would lose ability to mount a proper defense and agree to things they may regret as they lose face to face contact with defense lawyers.

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