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Mexicans Shut Down UPS Facility Construction Site After Racist Boss Fires Co-Workers

La Cartita --- On July 29, over a hundred Mexicans at an Indianapolis construction site walked out of the facility due to an arbitrary firing. The site is under construction for United Parcel Service (currently traded at 119.14 dollars per share) was shut down after management fired several other Mexican workers. The facility is set to be a key transport facility for the company.

Indianapolis Facility Important To Profit Margins ... So They're Squeezing Workers First

Market analysts have noted the importance of the facility to the UPS corporation. Profit margins for UPS were expected to rise on the construction of the facility in Indianapolis and several other areas around the United States. The facilities were set to relieve over capacity and due to open in 2019.

The boss who committed the firings was known to be racist and avoided by the Mexicans, but the arbitrary firing proved one straw too many for the 100+ crew.

According to Dangerfield, the non-whites in the facility were constantly harrased by facility managers. Mexicans typically avoided too much contact with these inviduals. Finally, they were pushed too far when 5 Mexicans were fired for refusing to translate for the racist manager.

Sub-Contractors Exploit Mexicans For Major Companies All The Time.

Amongst the Mexican personnel that walked out were constructors, welders and other skilled laborers who are usually hired through sub-contractors. The facility itself belongs to UPS. Often a construction company will take on multiple contracts and issue them to different sub contractors within the same facility, with different groups specializing in different tasks.

As such, the divided workforces are often overseen by the same management. In the Indianapolis, the entire group disliked several management personnel for racist tendencies; Mexicans operating in the construction sector are often subject to severe racism and condescension.

No Leaders Or Led: Mexicans Apply Anarchist Principles With Familial Links In The Workforce

Without a union, the Mexican workforce had no leaders or elements being led, but a strong familial loyalty. This is typical, as most workplaces in the US where Mexicans predominate are organized on the basis of family and friendship. In Indianapolis, they chose to organize on a principle of self-defense and rebuked a typical racist manager by walking out.

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