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15 Year Old Boy Stabbed To Death In The Bronx

After 15 Year Old Boy Stabbed To Death In The Bronx, Community Mourns, Honors Boy (6/23/2018; Update: 1400)

A Bronx community mourns over 15 year old child's death, restoring faith that brutal murders is not normalized in any forced migration.

After case of mistaken identity leads to murder, a Bronx community grieves over the death of 15 year old Lesandro Feliz Guzman.

La Cartita --- After a young teen was stabbed by a local gang (bearing red colors), the local bronx community is now grieving as it navigates the loss of the young local. Police has closed off and monitored traffic for the past 4 days. A heavy presence can be seen in the path leading up to the hospital that Lesandro Feliz Guzman had to run to in order to be helped. He did not have to run more than 100 meters, but the boy, bleeding, not receiving help from anyone, did not make it.

15 Year Old Boy Stabbed To Death In The Bronx (6/23/2018)

15 year old boy stabbed to death over mistaken identity. Social media postings indicate an explicit video could have inspired anger in local gang. The video depicted a relative in a sexual act.

Mother and dead son after brutal murder; possible case of mistaken identity.

La Cartita --- Wednesday, June 20th, in the Bronx, New York, a local teenager named Lesandro (Junior) Guzman-Feliz is said to have argued with several men outside of Cruz and Chiky's Grocery / On the corner of E. 183rd St. and Bathgate Ave, the child sought refuge inside the bodega, but was dragged out, beaten and stabbed. As the men proceeded to beat and drag the teenager in front of the bodega, stabbing him repeatedly, the shop owners were, perhaps, too in shock to either help the child or proactively provide first aid. Ultimately, the child died running to the hospital by himself.

"Chuy and Chuku's" bodega where the murder began to unfold is now shut down. People gathered today and appeared to express outrage over the slaying. Community members questioned why the shop owners did not intervene. As the boy was dragged from the bodega and stabbed to death, a shopowner peeped out but did nothing to scare off the assailants.

Son dead after brutal murder; possible case of mistaken identity.

Video: La Cartita
Narration in Spanish: the short walk to the hospital proved too long for the boy who obviously needed help. The long path Lesandro had to walk as he bled out to his untimely death. We feel violence against innocent children should not normalized in poor communities. Our condolences are with Lesandro's family.

Social Media Reaction: Someone's Sister Having Sex On Worldstar...

Social media postings allude to a motive. On Twitter, apparently An apparent motive was linked to an explicit video. In said, video, the sister of one of the stabbing perpetrators is shown in a comprimising situation. The unfortunate irony is that 'Junior' was likely not the individual in the video.

Video: NY1

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