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BlackRock Inc. Funding Everything You Hate (11/16/2016)

It also looks like they hate Mexicans & other native people - a lot.

BlackRock's HQ on 40 East 52nd Street; New York Source: NY Times.

BlackRock is a major player in securities linked to private prisons in the United States

La Cartita --- BlackRock Inc. buys stock and moves money in favor of everything you hate. The Investment Firm manages over 2.4 trillion dollars in equity and has a huge amount of influence on the global economy. The CEO for the US based company is Larry Fink. The investment management firm owns over 8 million shares in Corrections Corporation of America's parent company. Corrections Corporation of America, a subsidiary of CoreCivic, Inc. Since the passing of SB1070, CoreCivic, Inc. (stock symbol:CXW US) has been on government welfare by creating laws that allow it to provide detention and corrections services to governmental agencies. The company designs, constructs, owns, manages, and renovates jails, prisons, government agencies, and inmate transportation companies. CoreCivic conducts its business throughout the United States and is highly dependent on racist immigration policies for profits.

Privatization in Mexico

Blackrock Inc. ($BLK) agreed to purchase oil wells in PEMEX's first rounds of oil auctions in March of 2015. In July 29, Mexico's despotic president, Enrique Peña Nieto, met with Blackrock Inc. CEO, Larry Fink, to discuss financing privatization projects in Mexico City. By October of 2015, the projects for natural gas transport were set in motion. Blackrock Inc. Mexico executives also sit on the board of PEMEX, the state run oil company. The last meeting between EPN and BlackRock Inc was held at or near the St.Regis when his NYC visit was met with protests.

The Trump victory in the United States not only places the Mexican government in a defensive position, but also makes Blackrock Inc.'s investments potentially more valuable to the Mexican government looking to maintain its standing in global capital markets. This makes Blackrock Inc. the real winner regardless of the supposedly anti-establishment tone of Trump's campaign: deportation orders mean more business for CXW US. Also, an embattled Mexican government incapable of dealing with Trump's aggressive administration will be more willing to capitulate to foreign direct investment for crummy short term investment.

The Dakota Access Pipeline

BlackRock Inc. owns over 1 million shares in Energy Transfer Partners, the company that finances and operates the Dakota Access Pipeline project. The Dakota Access Pipeline has come under fire for violating native land rights and public concerns over environmental hazards that are irreversible. Private security guards have also committed gross civil and human rights violations during their stint as protectors of ETP's pipeline. Potable water linked to the Missippi River stands to be at risk should the pipeline rupture. Native burial sites are also set along the Pipeline's path. Private land rights too are under attack with many property owners barred from engaging in any dialogue to modify or outright cancel the plan.

Conclusions On EPN Ability to Defend Against Trump While Courting Private Investment

Enrique Peña Nieto can not guard against Trump's modernized aggresion. The Mexican government is essentially dependent on investment firms that simultaneously benefit from Trump's proposed racist policies. Mexicans, we are in the wrong end of a vicious investment cycle, a business model of the world predicated on our imprisonment, marginalization and sacking of our natural resources. These firms will not change this anti-Meican dynamic since they worked so hard to have complimentary business models that hedge against any variable within our current election based political paradigm.

What if the Clintons had won, again?

If Hillary Clinton had won, her pro-business policies would have etched out any negative consequences from slight divestment in privatized prisons. The trend was already that CXW's business model was threatened with the prospect of her victory. However, the PEMEX privatization would have remained on course; she worked so hard to design Mexico's current drive to US investors. Trump still represents a greater danger, since his belligerent stance really strengthens the position of these investment firms in a much more dramatic way than Clinton - he alludes to using military might to enforce corporate/'American' profitability.

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