University of Arizona Students Face Charges Over Deporting Border Patrol Officers From Campus

La Cartita --- Chicana Students Charged Over Border Patrol Protests; The charges were made in Pima County court against two chicanas who protested CBP’s presence at the University of Arizona career fair. they were charged formally today, and will be in court April 22. Their names are Denise Moreno Melchor and Mariel Alexandra Bustamente.

The students were charged with disrupting the peaceful conduct of an educational institution. According to a University of Arizona student newspaper : “Yesterday, Border Patrol was invited to campus to recruit at the career fair,” Denisse said. “They were also invited by the criminal justice club. I walked out of class and saw two Border Patrol agents in the hallway in Modern Languages, and I was like, 'You're supposed to be at the career fair that ended an hour ago.' So then I was like, 'Get out,' and started chanting, disrupting that space until they left. Literally walked them all the way to their cars until they left.”

However, one can note the students were succesful in booting out Border Patrol from what is supposed to be a neutral learning space. The Border Patrol commonly deport people regardless of the nature of a facility; education spaces may be their next target, as schools are rarely targeted, but workspaces, churches, and even hospitals, have been places where Border Patrol will detain individuals, disturbing the peace, ironically.

Defensa de migrantes mexicanos en EUA, prioridad de nuevos cónsules

"Un millón a un millón y medio de mexicanos residen en Nueva York."

According to Mexican Government, One Million Deep: Mexicans in New York City.

Ridiculous. Far right party in Mexico, PAN, in touch with Juan Guaidó; Guaidó pressuring for #AMLO recognition, intervening in Mexico.

Tengo la certeza de que el nombre de Echeverría está en los documentos que están siendo negados por esa razón”...., me dijo Morley, quien posee una lista de títulos de una parte del acervo bajo reserva.

La Cartita --- Tengo la certeza de que el nombre de Echeverría está en los documentos que están siendo negados por esa razón”...., me dijo Morley, quien posee una lista de títulos de una parte del acervo bajo reserva. El presidente mexicano, Luis [Echeverría fue reclutado por la CIA cuando fue subsecretario de gobernación, per @jeffersonmorley López Mateos, Díaz Ordaz y LEA hicieron el trabajo sucio a la CIA en Mx y CA. @CIA cómplice en masacres estudiantiles 68 y 71, crímenes de lesa humanidad.]

US Ally, Enrique Peña Nieto, Received 6 Million Dollars From Sinaloa Cartel

Incidentally, EPN outspent all competitors during his 2012 presidential campaign, mired in fraud and gaffes.

Foreign Investors Angry At Mexico's Public, President Over Airport Reversal

La Cartita --- Earlier this week, Mexico's public decided against controversial, foreign and billionaire investor backed airport in Texcoco. Mostly Miami based, the investors noted their disgust with the decision in various newspapers, including Bloomberg News.

HRF press release: Trump Administration Considers Shutting Down Border, Barring Asylum Seekers

La Cartita --- Washington, D.C.—In response to reports that the administration may issue a new rule that could close the southern border and bar Central American asylum seekers traveling in the migrant caravan from entry into the United States, Human Rights First’s President and CEO Mike Breen issued the following statement:

41 Mexican Universities Go On Strike

Rectoria en UNAM.

UNAM, a leading research university, began a strike to protest violence imposed by groups connected to the current far right government. “Porros”, registered students without actual classes on schedule, have been long known to sow chaos and disorder, often at the behest of the PRI.

They simultaneously discrediting legitimate protests by posing as participants. 41 other campuses have joined in the strike. Classes, lectures and special events are at a halt until further notice.

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AMLO begins peace talk forum in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, a border state that neighbours Texas.

Mexico’s Next President? Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador may win the election despite rampant voter fraud.

A convoy of supporters currently travel with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as he traverses Mexico City to animate voters.

SEE [[ VIDEO ]] via Irma Garrido

¿Renacimiento del fascismo en México? Por Rodolfo Ondarza Rovira /2018)

In Mexico City, Scientist Takes Top Prize & Protests Ayotzinapa Disappearances

Mexican Activist Killed In String Of Attacks Against Indigenous Organizations

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Mexican Military Set To Formally Have Police Powers: 'Ley De Seguridad Interior' (12/13/2017)

La Cartita --- In Mexico City, the Mexican military is lobbying through the executive branch and Mexican senate to gain police powers to control the country. The plan is trumpeted as an initiative to bring narcotraffickers to a tactical defeat as Mexico's Marines increasingly participate in police raids.

Robbers Steal Vote Buying Profits From PRI Candidate Operatives In Estado de Mexico. (6/10/2018)

  • Oligarch, Juan Barreiro, admits to providing financing to Ricardo Anaya.
    Moreira is brother to prominent businessman, Manuel Barreiro .
  • Public financing is sought as means to prevent undue corporate/private financing on elections.
  • Recovery Efforts Begin Immediately After 7.1. Quake Rocks Mexico City, Puebla.

    Acteal Massacre Can Happen Again "Puede repetirse la masacre de Acteal" by Blanche Petrich (La Jornada)

    Mexicans Protest Over Attorney General Remarks on Ayotzinapa Case (11/8/2014)

    Mexico foreign minister Reports to DC speaks with General Kelly and Jared Kushner.

    A Rising Tide of Indigenous Unity Lifts Totonaco & Maseual Regions (10/30/2017)

    Antonio Tizapa thanks London based human rights advocates. Singles out Corbyn (October 21, 2017) Video: La Cartita

    NFL Insults Mexicans After 8.1 Eartquake Kills 32 people (9/5/2017)

    State Government of Morelos Fails To Protect Earthquake Volunteers Against Criminals

    Mexico Government Interferes Against Indigenous Candidate; Shuts Down Internet, Phone & Radio (10/18/2017)

    "So, you're a spy?" protestors try to make sense of general consul's statements on his diplomatic work. (10/26/2017)

    AMLO Chances Boosted By Margarita Zavala Going Independent; Mari-Chuy Candidacy Going Strong

    American Suspected Of Money Laundering On Mexico Side of Border

    Mexico Finance Minister Quits Post


    Denise Dresser at US Embassy

    Nochixtlan Under Siege

    Ayotzinapa Team & Tonatierra Visits Mexican-American Studies Department in Arizona (Saturday, 14:58, 10/7/2017)

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    Latino: the Manufactured Super Consumer

    How Corporations and Government Use Consumerism and False Identities to Subvert Mexicans.

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    AG Sessions Visits LA, California Triggers Protests

    Jeff Sessions visit To Los Ángeles, California triggered dozens of arrests and protests.

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    AMLO Cancels US Helicopters

    Purchases of the Lockheed Martin MH-60 helicopter canceled.

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    Politician Daughter Assassinated

    During a session in Mexico's House of Representatives, a lawmaker received word that her daughter was killed while at a Veracruz gym.