Protesta en evento de Andrea Arroyo

Arroyo, directora de Mano a Mano, colabora con el consulado mexicano.

Semillas Dance Film Released

Art Collective releases dance film in homage to Mexico's social activists.

ICE Detains Mexican in Manhattan

Eduardo Arturo Campos were leaving a misdemeanor court after he was cleared of charges when he was detained by ICE.

Mexicans Protest at NY Consulate

Mexican activist collective runs into problems with Mexican consulate in New York.

Enlace and the Prison Divestment Campaign

CCA drafted bill to criminalize immigrants, all so they could be locked up in their prisons.

NYU's Kimmel Center Cancels Ayotzinapa Event

On 1 year anniversary of the forced disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa Normal students at New York University's Kimmel Center cancels film screening.

Coalition Probes Ayotzinapa Case in NY

The parents are suspicious of the government's account; the public finds them false too.

Activists Slandered by Mexican Government

Mexico NYC General Consul labeled them 'Radical' and 'Violent'.

B&H Abuses Mexican Labor

B&H continues to engage in anti-labor laws. Now they are headed into a lawsuit citing workplace discrimination against primarily Mexican workers in Brooklyn.

La Cartita